Nutritional Information Panel (exc. Saturated Fat)

Test Description

Nutrition information panels provide information on the average amount of energy (in kilojoules or both in kilojoules and kilocalories), protein, total fat, carbohydrate, sugars and sodium (a component of salt) in the food, as well as any other claim that requires nutrition information. The nutrition information panel must be presented in a standard format which shows the average amount per serve and per 100g of honey.

Test Methodology

Ash AOAC 920.181 Modified
Carbohydrates (by difference) FSANZ 1.2.8
Energy (by calculation) FSANZ 1.2.8
Fat (Total) Acid Hydrolysis and Solvent Extraction
Fructose Biopharm enzymatic
Glucose Biopharm enzymatic
Maltose Biopharm enzymatic
Moisture Refractometry
Protein AOAC online 981.10 (modified)
Sodium ICP-MS
Sucrose Biopharm enzymatic
Total Sugars Biopharm enzymatic

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Standard Turnaround Time

5 working days on receipt of sample.


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