Free Acidity Testing

Test Description

Free acidity is an important parameter related to the composition of honey. It is characterized by the presence of organic acids such as gluconic acid and some inorganic ions such as phosphates, sulfates and chlorides. Higher values may be indicative of fermentation of sugars into organic acids.

The Codex Alimentarius International Food Standards (Adopted 1981, Amended 2019) permits a maximum value for free acidity of maybe not more than 50.0 meq/kg.

Test Methodology

Free acidity is measured by titration.

AOAC Official Methods of Analysis 962.19 (2006) Chapter: 44.4.20, page 37. International Honey Commission (2009), Chapter 4, page 21

Codex Alimentarius, international Food Standards, Standard for Honey CXS 12-19811, (Adopted in 1981, Revised in 1987, 2001. Amended in 2019)

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Standard Turnaround Time

5 working days on receipt of sample.


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