MPI Mānuka Markers Test - DNA Only

Test Description

This test analyses the level of Mānuka pollen DNA present in the sample. It's often performed after an initial MPI 4 chemical that shows a sample has met the MPI chemical definition of Mānuka honey.

For honey being exported and marketed or labelled as New Zealand Mānuka honey, exporters are legally required to have the honey tested using the an approved MPI test which analyses 5 key attributes of the honey. Based on MPI result definitions, the levels of each key attribute in the honey will result in the honey being classified as either non-Mānuka, multi-floral Mānuka or mono-floral Mānuka.

Only honeys being exported and marketed or labelled as Mānuka are required to have the MPI 5 attribute test performed. For Mānuka honeys sold within New Zealand, this testing is not required.

Test Methodology

- MPI Mānuka DNA

Following extraction, Mānuka pollen DNA is determined using the approved MPI RLP quantitative real time PCR method. Mānuka DNA level required is less than Cq 36.

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Standard Turnaround Time

3 working days on receipt of sample.


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