Amitraz in Honey

Test Description

Amitraz is the active ingredient found in Apivar and Apitraz strips. These products are frequently used by beekeepers to protect honeybees against Varroa mites. The bees come into contact with the strips to transmit the amitraz around the hive, thereby killing Varroa mites, but also contaminating the honey, particularly when treatment protocols are not strictly adhered to. Amitraz itself is unstable in honey and breaks down into a series of metabolites, which can have toxicological significance not just to bees but also humans.

The maximum residue limit (MRL) of amitraz (defined as the sum of amitraz plus all its metabolites containing the 2,4 -dimethylaniline moiety) is set to 0.20 mg/kg domestically and internationally, thus exceeding that limit would preclude sale of this particular honey.

Test Methodology

Amitraz and its degradation products in honey samples are analysed after solvent extraction by LC-MS/MS.

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