Testing and Reporting Made Easy

Alpine Honey Specialties and the benefits of switching to My Humm

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At Alpine Honey Specialties, honey testing is a vital part of the job. The Wanaka-based company works with a range of landowners and farmers, managing hives on their land, processing manuka honey on their behalf and sharing the profits.

Because they work with so many groups outside the business, communication is key. Honey test results need to be quick, accurate and easy to understand, so the Alpine team can share them with stakeholders.

That’s where My Humm comes in. Alpine Specialties recently switched to our service after using another testing provider for years and they’re already seeing a difference. In fact, according to General Manager Darryl Rogers, My Humm is way ahead of the competition.

“The process is far superior and simpler than anything else on the market.”

Quick, simple, intuitive

Sending honey samples for testing, finding and compiling results, sending reports to stakeholders – the honey-testing process can be pretty complicated and time-consuming. As Darryl explains, My Humm has changed the process for the better at Alpine Specialties.

My Humm manages the testing process from sample collection to reporting. At the collection stage, labels, pottles and pre-paid courier packs are provided, so the team always has the right gear on hand. Testing is quick, with most results appearing on the My Humm site within three days of samples being sent.

As the person tasked with checking results and creating reports, Darryl particularly appreciates how easy and user-friendly the web portal is.

“It’s so user-friendly. Drop and drag, simple to use, and avoids ambiguity and mistakes.”

Custom reporting and accessible records

For Alpine Honey Specialties, My Humm’s custom reporting function is key. Results from honey tests can be printed in a simple format to present to landowners. Darryl makes it even easier by listing his samples based on the apiary they originate from, so he can create custom reports for separate stakeholders.

As he explains, My Humm reports even help when it comes to paying landowners.

“When you are paying as a percentage of the crop, the report validates the payment, particularly when the yield is below expectation.”

Detailed honey testing reports come in handy when dealing with DOC. If the business needs to show that a particular apiary is producing mono or multi-floral honey, it’s simple to send a detailed breakdown of results to DOC.

The web portal also acts as a record of past test results – it’s simple for Darryl to filter results based on date or apiary and find the information he needs.

“The filter system provides easy access to your records without cumbersome hunting through a filing cabinet.”

For the Alpine team, that simplicity is a huge benefit – particularly in the busy summer season.

Benefits for Alpine Honey Specialties:

  • Simple, intuitive web portal
  • All pottles and pre-paid courier packs provided
  • Quick turnaround for results
  • Custom reporting function helps communicate with stakeholders and DOC
  • Access to past results and reports through portal.