Sending Your Samples

Through our partnership with Awanui Scientific we are able to offer overnight*, priority deliveries to their Dunedin lab.

What size courier bags do you have on offer?

Pre-paid A5 courier bags are available free of charge through the humm™ portal. You can fit a maximum of 10 sample pottles per bag.

How do I send my bags?

1.Call NZ Couriers on 0800 800 841 to arrange collections (large cities only)


2.Drop your parcel off at your local NZ Couriers Depot or collection agent. Find your nearest NZ Couriers depot or collection agent on

If you are a rural customer you will need to arrange delivery of your parcel to the nearest NZ Couriers agent or depot.

* Please note: To ensure overnight delivery you will need to meet the daily cut-off time of your local NZ Couriers agent or depot. These times differ throughout the country so it’s best to get in touch with them to find out their cut-off times.

How do I pack my bags?

In order to optimise freight, we recommend packing your courier bag per the layout below. To add support and protection a couple of sheets of cardboard can be inserted between the pottle and the bag, this will reduce the bag capacity by two pottles.

couriering samples